Your plants are hungry to grow. No, seriously, they need food. And plenty of it.

Fact is, they probably haven’t been fed since they left the nursery. Professional growers have their plant food mixed with their hose water, so each plant is fed every time it’s watered, to ensure that it will reach its full growing potential.

The result? Guaranteed perfect plants.

  • How do you get a green thumb? It’s simple. Just place your hand around the handle of the AquaVor Food ‘n Water Can.
  • Pump twice, add water, and you’ll feed your plants precisely the right blend of AquaVor Perfect Plant™ professional quality food.
  • That’s it. You’ll never forget to feed, and your plants will never fail to be perfect.
  • Skip the garden products that make life complicated. With AquaVor Food ‘n Water Can, there’s no mix, no mess.
  • Nobody you know will have plants as beautiful—until you share the secret of AquaVor!

AquaVor Food ‘n Water Can—the secret’s inside! Order this unique and helpful tool, along with all of your other garden supplies, online using our secure online ordering system.

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