Professional Plant Installation

Have you ever notice really nice interior plants in places like commercial buildings, shopping malls, or customs homes?  It’s easy to get a professional plant installation look-n-feel.

In most cases the plants you are so impressed with are nothing really that unique or special. The professional plant installations are the result of carefully selected plant material and containers based on growing conditions installed with a few fundamental principles applied.

Down in front! 
Keep taller material to the back or perimeter of the area and the smaller material up front, This will give the scaled, balanced look of a professional interior plant installation.

Threes company!
Similar plants grouped together and arranged by keeping the tall material to the rear of the setting and smaller or lower material placed around and in front of the larger specimens allow’s each plant to show its best without blocking the ones behind it. Here is where the container selection is important and should be scaled accordingly with a large enough capacity to accommodate the various plants in their growing containers.

Grow pots go inside!
Nothing says amateur plant installation like plants on display in the plastic grow pots!.  Always keep the grow pot inside of a decorative container and use a catch liner so water does not spill out or collect at the bottom of the planter. It’s also a good idea to add some fresh soil to the grow pot to replace any that may have been lost during the shipping process.

Hold them tight and top it off! 
When using decorative containers, I recommend some soft foam pieces to hold the grow pots of plants in place inside the decorative container.  Then top off the planter with any type of decorative material you like. Most commonly used is Mood Moss, Sphagnum Moss, Bark chips and various types small pebbles or stones. When using stones, be sure you have filled around the grow pots well so the stones don’t slip down into the planter. Decorative topping covering the plants growing containers is probably the single most important step one can take to get the professional plant installation look we are after.

Feed when you water!
Even the best plant installation is only as good as a person’s ability to take care of the foliage once it has been installed. The two most common mistakes we make when caring for interior plants are Over Watering and incorrect feeding. Always check the soil moisture with your finger or moister meter BEFORE you water!. If the top of the soil is wet, you can be sure the bottom of the plant is even wetter. You will often be surprised how long it takes before a plant really does need watering. (More on that subject to come)

Correct nutrition is key to professional results!
Finally, remember to use a mild and balanced plant food to ensure proper nutrition without burning. We of course recommend the AquaVor Brand plant foods as they are designed to be used with every watering and  contain no harmful Urea Nitrigen, these formulas’s will never burn delicate plants the way the leading High Urea content brands will. Our Easy Feeding Can takes all the guess work out of the feeding process so you can enjoy your professional plant installation without the worry of not knowing how to maintain it.

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