How to Choose the Correct Bonsai Plant Food

Bonsai are living, containerized plants and must be correctly nourished to stay healthy.

This can be done with tablets, pills, powders, granules and concentrated liquid formulas.

There are both synthetic and organic types of Bonsai Food.

It is our opinion and that of many leading Bonsai experts that a Low NPK complete and balanced liquid is by far the most effective way to grow and maintain healthy Bonsai.

What does Low NPK mean?

All fertilizers have three numbers printed on the package. These numbers refer to the three primary nutrients that plants need in the greatest quantity.

These elements are part of the macro-nutrients — nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). Numbers such as 20-20-20 or 7- 9-5 indicate the total percentages of N-P-K (in that order).

•  Nitrogen (the first number) N is important for the vegetative growth of plants. Leaf yellowing is often a sign of lack of nitrogen. Too much nitrogen can slow down the manufacture of fruit and flowers.

•  Phosphorus (second number) P is critical for roots, fruit and flowers. A blooming plant usually responds to extra phosphorus by displaying more flowers.

•  Potassium (third number) K makes the structure of the plant strong. This increases resistance to stress and disease. (Potassium is also known as potash.)

How to choose the best Bonsai Food?

Because your Bonsai Tree is delicate and growing in a small amount of soil, it is very important to feed it consistently and correctly for maximum health and beauty. We believe liquid Bonsai Food is by far the best choice because it is easy to control the amount and delivery to the plant. Liquid Bonsai Food is taken up by the plant quickly for a fast response and breaks down more completely so to avoid salt build up that is often associated with common granular Urea based fertilizers.

Even though the three numbers on the package will give a good idea of what the Bonsai Food contains, it is often the Micro Nutrients that are the key to getting the Macro Nutrients to have the desired effect. Elements like copper, Zink and Magnesium are essential in breaking down the Nitrogen so the plant can benefit from it. These micro nutrients help to keep salts from building up in the soil because they break them down quickly. Much like the acid in our stomach converts the food we eat into the nutrition our bodies need, the micro  nutrients convert the primary Macro nutrients into the useable nutrition your Bonsai needs to stay healthy for years and years.

The formulas created for the AquaVor Feeding System are responsible for countless awards in the Bonsia growing circles because they contain all the Macro and Micro nutrients needed in a low NPK formula suitable for use every time you water. To learn go to and see what a difference correct feeding made easy can make.

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