AquaVor—the unique plant food ‘n water system!

Imagine living only on water. That’s what many plants are forced to do. In today’s gardens, soil often lacks essential nutrients, and repeated watering can wash away the remainder.  What if you could use a totally unique watering can, one that not only hydrated your plants, but also replenished their nutrients with every use? It would complete the ideal gardening regimen and become the most efficient, convenient, and cost-effective method of keeping your plants healthy.

Food Cartridge Snaps In
Precise delivery: 1 tsp. per gallon with each pump

Oversized Hand Grip

Makes the weight of water a cinch to handle

Rotating Spout

For fast delivery or delicate flow of water

Integrated Spout Guide

Prevent spills and avoids any contact with fertilizer

Long Spout Tube

For better flow control when watering

Wide Mouth Fill Site

Allows for easy water fill, minimum splash

Buy AquaVor Fertilizer Watering Can 
Buy AquaVor Fertilizer and Watering Can in-one!

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