About Hydroponic Plant Food and why it is so important to get it right!

Hydroponic gardening is the process of growing plants in straight water or within a soil-less medium where the water delivers all required nutrients. With the plant having no traditional soil for the roots to adhere to and derive nutrients from, we must provide everything the plant needs to survive and thrive.

This is why the type of hydroponic plant food we use is so important if we want to reap the many benefits Hydroponic growing can deliver.  When fed correctly, hydroponically grown plants, herbs and vegetables will grow faster and to belter quality then plants traditionally grown in soils. With Hydroponic systems things like bugs, many diseases and drying out will not occur. It is very sustainable and environmentally sound compared to traditional growing in both small gardens and large commercial growing operations. 

Hydroponic plant food must be mild and complete for the balanced nutrition plants needs on regular basis.

By “complete” we mean the right amounts of BOTH Macronutrients and Micronutrients. This is so important because without the complete attendance of ALL 16 Micro and Macro nutrients plants will simply not thrive to their maximum potential. However if the right Hydroponic plant food is used correctly the results are stunning!

Why are the Micro Nutrients so important?..

Because the Micro Nutrients help break down the Maco Nutrients like nitrogen and potassium quickly so the plant will benefit from them and respond as desired. 

It’s no Miracle

Correct feeding is Key to professional results. This is why the AquaVor line of Food and Water Cans and Perfect Plant Foods were developed. Our plant feeding system will allow anyone to correctly feed with the finest Hydroponic plant foods available. Our formulas are the ONLY single part plant food to contain ALL 16 essential Mico and Macronutrients with no harmful Urea Nitrogen.  See what a difference correct feeding will make in your hydroponic or traditional garden!

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