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AquaVor 1.5 Gallon Easy Feeding Can w/built-in 16-ounce Plant Food

AquaVor Easy Feeding Can

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The AquaVor Easy Feeding Can is the easiest way ever designed to handle water and fertilizer together while taking care of your plants and gardens. See what a difference correct and regular feeding makes!

Our user-friendly “Easy Feeding” watering cans have a built-in fertilizer dispenser and pump smartly connected to the can.

This patented design allows the cleanest, fastest and safest way to dispense a measured dose of any concentrated plant food or garden care products with no contact and the advantage of always remembering to feed when you water.


  • AquaVor 1.5 Gal Easy Feeding Can 
  • One (1)16-ounce 3-3-3 All Purpose Plant food formula installed
  • One (1) heavy duty 1- teaspoon measuring pump 

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