Q. Are you saying that if I use this “Food ‘n Water Can,” my plants will look as good as plants from nursery? You’re kidding, right?

A. Yes, we’re saying that. No, we’re not kidding. In fact, it’s guaranteed.

Q. “Vor”?

A. Our name? Easy. “Aqua” water, “vor” “eat”.
“Vor” is part of the root in “carnivore” and “voracious,” as well as “devour.” So yes, it’s redundant for the sake of clarity to say “AquaVor, the Food ‘n Water Can”.

Q. Why is “balanced nutrition” a big deal? All the other plant foods have all “16 micro and macro nutrients” that my plants need, just like you do, right?

A. Nope. Nobody else. And it doesn’t make sense to have a party without inviting them all, doesn’t it?

Q. So…….how does a commercial grower deliver constant results to the nurseries day in and day out all through the year? Do you really think it’s the soil in that newly delivered 4” nursery plant that gave it the 7” foliage ball and enormous flowers?

A. Hardly, it was the low NPK fertilizer growers automatically inject into the water every time they water their plants at the nursery. In this way they are assured the young plants are off the benches and into your store as quickly as possible in perfect condition. This is how they make their living and they are very good at it.

Growers long ago started using these automatic fertilizing systems and also realized that by changing the NPK in the formula they could affect the plants in various ways. Such as grow roots quickly, develop darker colors and of coarse make plants bloom and flower.

The AquaVor is the only system in today’s market of its kind that allows the average user the ability to feed their plants and gardens at home very much like a professional grower.

The biggest reason the average gardener or plant enthusiast seldom achieve results like that of the professional is they forget to feed their plants at all, or at best feed inconsistently and even incorrectly.

This creates a frustrated gardener!

That is why we install a bottle of our Professional Grade Perfect Plants All Purpose formula in every new AquaVor. No other brand of all-purpose fertilizer can compare to our complete and balanced nutrition. We are the only plant food containing all 16 essential micro and macro nutrients in a one part formula.

Q. “How do you expect me to water my outside plants and flowers with this little can, I have a big yard?”

Remember, even though AquaVor looks like a watering can it is patented as a “fertilizer applicator”. Do your watering first with the sprinklers or a hose, then quickly and easily mix a batch of our professional grade Plant food and deliver the nutrition directly to the roots and foliage. Remember, we are feeding now not just watering.

Q. “How is AquaVor better than a hose end sprayer?”

In many cases we are a far better and more effective way to get nutrition to your plants and flowers because unlike the hose end sprayer, our mixture stay’s consistent throughout the application process. Ever notice how the water is real blue at first with the hose end sprayer then in a few short minutes it runs clear? This means the first few plants are getting a very strong mixture while those at the end are not getting enough. Also the leading brands contain high levels of Urea Nitrogen. This can be harmful to delicate species leaves and flowers and cause a salty build up in container plants. Not to mention the material that is wasted and ends up in our already nitrogen burdened environment. Without the essential trace elements found in AquaVor plant foods and not found in other leading brands, the nitrogen tends to build up in the soil, especially in potted plants causing them to burn or worse, die!

Q. “Can I over feed my plants and harm them with my AquaVor?”

No All AquaVor formula’s are urea free and will not allow harmful Nitrogen to build up in the soil. This is why we can use AquaVor formulas as a foliage feed. It will not harm leaves and stems. In fact this is a great way to feed along with applying directly to the roots. We are safe and superior because all of our formulas were created for the commercial hydroponics industry meaning “ no soil at all” just water and carefully designed formulas.

Q. “Can I safely eat my fruits, vegetables and herbs after using my AquaVor”

A. Yes, unlike many brands of High NPK fertilizers who do not recommend eating the vegetables for a matter of weeks after application, AquaVor foods are safe right up to harvest. Always check the label on any fertilizer regarding this before consuming the harvest.

Q. “What about my delicate plants like my Orchids and Bonsai”

A. Use AquaVor safely and effectively on all of our delicate foliage and ornamentals. No finer Orchid food exists than our blue bottle 3 3 3 All purpose Plant food. Our formulas are recommended for Maximum results on everything from African Violets and Fuchsia to any kind of succulent plant. Bonsai growers everywhere recognize our formulas as the leading nutrition source for their most delicate material. Of coarse all of the tropical and house plants thrive on our complete mild plant foods as well.

All of our fine liquid plant foods are delivered in what many consider the finest watering device ever sold. Developed by professional plant care technicians in the commercial landscape industry this can is unlike any other due to its state of the art design. A low wide base for a low center of gravity and a long spout end for a predictable flow. The weight of the water is evenly distributed and the overall handle means the user can use one or two hands comfortably and is not committed to just one awkward position when attempting to lift the heavy contents. One will never unscrew and loose that silly oversized sprinkle rosette again due to the AquaVor’s dual flow spout end. When a rain pattern is needed flip the spout end closed and one gets a very tight and usable pattern with no dribble at the chin of the spout. Or flip the rosettes up and you receive a steady flow with complete control.

Elderly people often appreciate the easy use of the can and the on board pump in food dispenser is far easier than fumbling with spoons and bottle lids.

Parents appreciate the fertilizers always being responsibly and conveniently stored right on board the watering device and not left behind left behind at the fill site where young children might get into them.

We invite you to compare our applicator and fertilizer in combination to any other brand or delivery system on the market today. You will be convinced we have not only created a brand new category of product but have unlocked the potential in everyone to grow like a pro!

These are just some of the ways the AquaVor system gives a great advantage to the expert or beginner gardener and plant enthusiast.

For more information give us a call at 714 504-AQUA (2782).