About Us

AquaVor was designed as a tool to create beautiful plants.

For over 20 years, Andrew Durant has maintained startlingly beautiful plants in Orange County, CA, where perfection is taken for granted. Hollywood’s next door, lifestyles are luxurious and clients simply want their plants – and their homes, bodies, food and children – to look perfect.

So, after 20 years of giving the same 10-word explanation over and over – “Don’t water too much. But each time, feed your plants.” – Andrew designed a food ‘n water can to make the whole process as easy and as simple as can be.

And AquaVor was born.

Look at this plant…
Do you really think this tiny pot of soil contains the nutrients necessary to produce flowers and foliage like this? OF COURSE NOT!

Buy the Best Liquid Plant Food
In the greenhouse, plants are fed consistently with nutrients automatically mixed right into the liquid. This professional-grade plant food is designed to be used with every watering and will never burn. That’s the way growers deliver the perfect plants you see at the nursery. With AquaVor, you’ll see them in your own garden!

Feed Plants Every Time You Water - Now with your AquaVor Food N Water Can, two pumps of AquaVor’s professional-grade plant food are all it takes to feed and GROW LIKE A PRO!


US patent #6799700